Dads in America

(June 18, 2009)

Let me start out by saying it’s going to be Father’s Day soon. Well I’m a dad and I’ll get another “Worlds best Dad statue ” and I never know what organisation gives those out I ’m a new Dad I just had a baby girl and that was two years ago. I’m still getting over it . having kids is great if you are really rich. I’m just a normal Dad. So I began keeping a Diary . It’s a little tool I call a Daddy dairy. I like reading from my Daddy Diary this is the wisdom and notes I started when I became a dad. June 8th never give a baby chili cheese fries and cabbage salad wisdom such as that jewel. I’m not a good Dad or even a great Dad even though I have a world greatest dad statue. That I paid for in Hollywood. I’m a dad but I’m a not a Cosby kind of Dad I’m a real dad because I had a great Dad myself . He taught me everything I needed to know about being a dad. He was an old school Mexican dad. He would spank me in public, the more public the better. And he was not scared of things like Child Services . He would have thought Child Services was some one who held you down so he could beat your ass and he was not scared to discipline me because when you’re a Mexican Dad you always know you can make Listen son. I hope you survive childhood but that’s really it’s up to you. Not every seal pup makes it . I watch National Geographic. I myself have three kids ….I’m only five kids from having my own reality show. You need at minimum eight. If you are a dad you will appreciate what I ‘m saying and if you are not dad than this is your only warning because Hormones will do you in. Testosterone is not your friend. Testosterone will cloud your judgment. Testosterone will get you into a world of danger. They only hunt deer during the mating season because those male deer are filled with testosterone and they can’t think. They look out from there save forest hiding spot and see a pretty Doe, out in the field and say “ Normally I ‘m pretty skittish but I want that doe out in that field over there, wait are those rednecks in trees with guns and orange neon suits? Oh yeah, well.. I would normally be cautious but screw that. That doe wants me. Man she’s hard , Oh, no. Hold on ! She’s made of plastic, my head’s going on a wall.

GUN SHOTS, ring out.
hunting deer during there matting season . Well, It like putting a hunting blind in front of the Jacuzzi at the Playboy mansion . Belive me you are a going to bag your limit of guys. Because Testosterone does not make you think Guys you will be come a dad. It’s nature. It’s hormonal we are governed more than we would like to think by nature. But you will be come a father you are designed that way and if you are not then you are simply a fashion designer. And once you do, become a dad. Well then remember Fathers day is only one day out of the year the rest of the 364 days it all on you. The point is being a dad is hard and there is no warning at all. Being a dad has changed my life I went from ME to WE really quick. And when I say WEE I don’t mean WEEE! Yeah, like a nice carnival ride. I mean WE like we need health care diapers baby sitter, college education, Weeee. Need shit now . But we do get Fathers day once a year don’t get me wrong being a dad is the most important job in the world that you will never get right. But fathers day comes every year to remind us that even though we are held Dear we are not far from a Deer.

I’m Najera in America.

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