entertainment in America

Ok, I was on a reality show called Clean House. So I started thinking.
I’m, convinced that entertainment will be the down fall of civilization not war, drugs , terrorism, overpopulation, environmental disasters, or plagues. entertainment will kill us.. To much amusement will be the reason our civilization will fall . We are being entertained to death. It’s killing us it’s killing me, I’m dying with a smile on my face. I’m dying clapping myself in to a fatal frenzy. I’m dying not dramatically like every death scene I’ve ever watched . I’m dying slowly and inside. I’m being amused to death It’s a reality that reality is not as exciting as Reality TV.
We live in a world of two many choices . Two many channels. I have experienced two many lives while never living my own . who can compete with Entertainment. You can’t it’s just too entertaining, why bother to live our puny lives when what I see on television or film is far more exciting. My life seems pale in comparison . Whatever lives are nothing in comparison to one episode of our favorite show, On your favorite show, love is found easily and when it’s not It’s just an act break. Conflict can be entertaining. And on every show on every program each an every week the most glorious event of all happens so easily routinely even hourly. You barley notice it at all it’s expected. The end. The End. So simple so sublime. So wished for. The end, that’s a miracle. An Ending. Finality, . That’s’ what I crave for. There is no such things as finality in my life no ending , happy or sad. There is no completion. Only Christ on the cross was quoted as saying it’s finished. Christ in his wisdom knew that phrase is the most perfect phrase that could be uttered , it’s finished. It’s completion. it’s what we long for. “its a consummation devoutly to be wished”. It’s the End of the story.

I long for the end , The end of any good story has that sense of completion. Oh, There our those that believe there might be an afterlife. But where is the ending in that? it’s everlasting life get it? No, end there . Reincarnation? I don’t believe in it. Because nearly everyone that ever was reincarnated was royalty in there past lives. We could not all be kings and queens. Know one with a past life was ever a medieval plumber, or an accountant in Cleopatra’s court. No they have to be Cleopatra. Sure there are those that believe in heaven. That’s not completion, what are we going to do in heaven? Were going to be immortal. That’s a lot of free time on your hands . How big a jigsaw puzzle would you need to keep you busy? How many Jeopardy episodes could you watch.” I’ll take oblivion for a thousand Alex” And you know god is going to put us to work. My parents would’nt let me sleep in on a Saturday . Do you think the almighty will let us lounge around doing nothing? Trust me gods not going to let us just sit around . He’ll be like my father banging on the floor of my second floor room with a broom yelling for me to get up.
“Wake up” Rick wake up” “ Wake up” he’d scream. behind him blaring mariachi music playing “get up”
Mariachi music so loud. Just so I’d wake up and appreciate my history and rake some leaves.. God will be yelling at us too. “Get up, Rake some leaves” I don’t know why I think about these things . I shouldn’t’t think about heaven or hell because I can’t do anything about it . I believe in predestination which is a lose theological term for “shit happens”. How I ended up here. How I ended up as me. That is my real question . Plato said “The unexamined life isn’t worth living “. But I think the “over examined life isn’t worth living either” . Yeah I believe I was Plato in a past life and that stuff about Plato being gay was wrong .
“ Look, that Greek boy scout had hypothermia that’s why I was naked in the sleeping bag with him”.
Sure, I believe I was Plato in a past life there is no way I could of been just some Greek guy who choked on a olive pit while telling a dirty choke at the parathion . “Two Greek guys and a Spartan walk into a bar… and order a sheep a drink”
So I’m not superstitious like my ancient relatives. I don’t watch the stars for omens although I read my horoscope regularly. But with this information what has changed are we better? No were still the same. We have more ways to communicate twitter, email, black berries portable computers but we still feel alone. We have hundreds of channels but nothing to watch. We stand ashamed in the one truth that we know is true We haven’t really changed at all and most likely never will. Every great thought has been said and most great lives already lived. Even if we got on some golden spaceship and went to the farthest galaxy we can discover all we really will discover is that we haven’t changed at all. . Will be just a bunch of messed up confused, dysfunctional people a million light years from a therapist. I’m an optimist . Really, I’m optimistic that I’m right. And that were in trouble. I did a reality show, Clean House I was on Clean House and Ironically I’ m a writer and this is the same type shows, that narrow the jobs for real writers. So doing a reality show helped my demise…. Ironic no. Ironic ? no, not Ironic just entertaining. Yes? Oh, by the way I really don’t have a messy house so it ‘s really not reality after all, or is it. Who can say but it is entertainment

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