I thought this was a great article by Emma Woollacott on the evolution of laughter. And I qouote.

” Portsmouth, UK – Tickling baby gorillas might not seem much like work to you and me, but it’s a serious business at the University of Portsmouth, where researchers have been examining the evolution of laughter in great apes.
Like human infants, young apes hoot and giggle when tickled. But can this really be described as laughter? The answer to that question is yes, say researchers. .”
The researchers said that the findings support a common evolutionary origin for human and ape tickle-induced expressions. They also show that laughter evolved gradually over the last 10 to 16 million years. “

Wow, I love this article for two reasons . The First reason being, that people were actually being paid to tickle apes . tickling gorrilas and apes. Where do I sign up for that? I’m sure some one tickled an ape then the ape ripped his arm off and then whole monkey cage started cracking up . Because I know this for a fact apes love site gags and French humor Reason number #2 laughter evolved 10-16 million years ago . Now I ask. What was going on 10 to sixteen million years ago that was so funny. What were laughing about ? Who told jokes around the primitive camp fire? that awokened our ability to laugh? laughter is a release much like an orgasm it builds then releases to stimulant . Which is a lot like an orgasm sometimes there is multiple laughter, just like an orgasm and sometimes there is fake laughter and premature laughter as well. But ten million
years ago some ancient relative Told the first Joke and it went like this .

CAVE MAN #1 Hey, did you see Ug? Well, he got trampled by a huge mastodon while Hunting. Is’n’t that strange.

CAVE MAN #2 Why is that so strange?

CAVE MAN #1 Becuse Ug’s a vegan.

CAVE MAN # 2 That is strange I thought he liked girls.

and these two cave men began to laugh. And then they laughed and laughed or grunted until finaly in our time they could laugh, Just like us. Becuse back then like today a good Vegan Joke always works .
I’m Najera in America

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